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Catalog of the Metal Badges of the Czech Football Clubs

These are the websites of the Czech Football Clubs badges. A model for this was a Work Catalog of Badges of the Society for Collectors of Sports Souvenirs (S.S.S.S.), where 5000 metal czechoslovakian badges from 1949 to 1997 are registered. Numbers are saved from the end of the last century - it was established by Vaclav Pansky. The websites will be completed permanently with new information refering to new clubs badges, including its drawings.

Technical pages of demonstrated badges are heterogeneous. They scanned badges, drawings of collectors Lubomir Kral and Frantisek Ulc (drawings are taken from magazine Gl, or books). Their aim is to bring near drawing of the badge to a collector. Not in every cases it turns out well to joint an endeavour with the original of the badge (in detais). If the size of the badge, is known the measure is mentioned to the precision of 0,1 mm. By this is set an accent to catch up single issues of badges (production coinage), not colored types, including so called "between round", or the other parts of the badges, which are issued purposely (Dukla Prague - 27 colored types in one pressing).

The purpose of this catalog is not to file informal badges of clubs (it is a lot of...) issuded - it is a pitty for the collectors - by private person or a dealer for the only one purpose - financial gamble and their own enrichment. To a miracle, there is always enough collectors, which with a will pay for this fictive piracy or fakery high amounts in czech krowns. Official badges are issued only by a club or a subject, which is entrusted by these clubs. If there will be mentioned any of this not official badges - it is only because of oversight (thanks to non-acquainance of indexer these websites), please inform me by my e-mail and the mistake will be immediately corrected.